Although the composition of Composite sheet piling is different from other material used in the manufacture of sheet piling, the strength of the sheeting can be computed using techniques common to all sheet piling. An understanding of the principles of sheet pile design is essential to the proper specification of any sheet piling material or section configuration. Sheet pile walls are generally designed to a) resist overturning due to lateral earth pressures and b) failure in bending due to the same lateral earth pressures.

The design of Composite sheet pile walls may be preformed in traditional manners or by the use of the PILEBUCK SPW-911 sheet pile design program.

When designing sheet pile walls with Composite sheet piling it is mandatory that the design deflection of the sheet be determined on the wall. Our current guidelines recommend that we do not exceed more than 1” of deflection in the design of the wall. Although traditional allowable bending moment factors must be observed, the ultimate design factor governing the serviceability and safety of the wall is the deflection of the sheet under load.
The addition of Composite whalers and tie backs into the design are also helpful in reducing the deflection imposed on the wall.

Engineering Specifications for each section are available by clicking on the products listed below.

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